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Colorful and Expressive Landscapes with Jane Font​
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November 5th - 7th

The Monarch - Ogden, Ut.


I’m excited to invite you to come paint with me in person this November at The Monarch Creative Studios and Event Center in beautiful downtown Ogden, Utah!

For three days, you and I will go over color theory basics, practice methods to help loosen up your brushwork, and focus on how to create mood and express your emotions through art… and much more.

The workshop will run for three full days between November 5 and November 7 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), from 9am - 5pm. If you’re coming in from out of town, plan on arriving a day early to get settled and explore my awesome city! Also, Friday the 5th is our city’s First Friday Art Stroll, so after a day of painting with me, you’ll get to experience all of the art that The Monarch and surrounding venues have to offer!

There are two hotels within walking distance of The Monarch: the Hilton and Marriot are only about 2-3 blocks away. Making things more convenient is the ability to take the Front Runner train direct from Salt Lake City International Airport to the Ogden Union Station, which is just four blocks away from The Monarch! Also within easy walking distance are a multitude of great restaurants and pubs.


Due to COVID-19, we will require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test received no more than 48 hours prior to the event. Masks may or may not be required during class, so please come equipped. 

The cost for the three days is $250.


Materials to Bring With You:

  • A selection of filbert brushes from 1/4-inch to 1-inch or bigger

  • The following is a list of acrylic paint colors we’ll be using in this class, as well as the brand I recommend for that particular color, though the brand isn’t required. You may bring additional colors if you like. Although you are encouraged to bring your own paint, I will have paint you can use for a $20 fee.

    • Quinacridone Burnt Orange – Golden

    • Burnt Sienna – Utrecht Artists’ Colors or Transparent Red Iron Oxide – Golden (burnt sienna in any brand other than Utrecht Artists’ Colors is not the same color!)

    • Nickel Azo Yellow – Golden 

    • Titan Green Pale – Golden

    • Green Gold – Golden

    • Cobalt Blue – Golden or Liquitex

    • Cobalt Teal – Golden or Liquitex

    • Turquoise – Utrecht Artists’ Colors or Phthalo Turquoise – Golden or Turquoise Deep – Liquitex 

    • Dioxazine Purple – Utrecht, Golden, or Liquitex

    • Raw Umber – Utrecht Artists’ Colors or Transparent Raw Umber – Liquitex

    • Titanium White – Golden or Liquitex

    • Metallics, esp gold or copper – Completely optional

    • Gesso - Both black and white

    • Gloves in a Bottle lotion (you will probably be getting paint on your hands in this workshop, Gloves in a Bottle helps protect your skin from any toxins

  • Matte Medium – Liquitex or Satin Glazing Liquid – Golden

  • Spray bottle for water

  • A palette (I recommend an 8x10 or larger sheet of glass with a neutral grey backing. I will have some on hand you can use)


Materials I Will Provide (You’re welcome to bring your own, but feel free to use mine):

  • 16x20-inch canvas supplied by my sponsor, Fredrix canvas

  • Sketch paper

  • Pencils – Graphite, colored, and charcoal

  • Markers – Sharpies and acrylic

  • Pastels – Oil and soft

  • Crayons – Yes, Crayola crayons!


Other optional colors: If you will be bringing your own paint, here are some ideas for additional colors to bring. I will not have additional colors available to the class:

  • Any pale, opaque colors, especially the Golden Titan colors

  • Any vibrant, transparent/translucent colors